Our Values

Value, purpose, and a sense of belonging. All of these attributes are debatably some of the most important and desired qualities any parent is searching for when weighing their child’s education. Regardless of age, choosing a school requires an overwhelming amount of research, consideration, and contemplation. Resurrection Christian School has built a foundation focused on the intention of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop their self confidence while being challenged in their education and meeting their potential. Our passion is to establish a bold and strong culture of choosing Christ first, and raising our young people to love and honor God, their family, and their community. We are here to provide high-quality education and a solid foundation for your children. Above all, we know there are wonderful options for schooling in northern Colorado. The real question is, what makes private school so beneficial for your children?

Why a Private School?

Whether you personally have attended a private school, or someone you know has, there is no doubt that their popularity is starting to skyrocket. There are some important aspects to further dissect to help understand why it is that private schools are starting to be sought out more. Statistically, parents have multiple reasons for choosing a private school for their children. First and foremost, identifying as a private school allows independence from the regulated public school system. Resurrection Christian School has been able to develop a solid foundation in the community for thousands of families over the years, all with the bold stance of our grounding in God. Here are a few of the reasons parents are choosing private school versus public, and potentially a few points to consider if you’re on the fence for your own children.

Better Learning Environment

To help better identify what the reasons are for choosing a public school, a poll was taken asking parents what factors played the largest role in their decision. At the top of the list was a better learning environment, and better education. One of the best benefits of private school is the opportunity for kids to excel in multiple subjects, and even the ability to excel beyond what a typical public school can offer. Due to the ability to have smaller class sizes, private school are able to hone in on individual students and help the classroom by gauging the needs of their students as a whole. Our focus at RCS is to go beyond encouraging students, and instill the integrity and values that are necessary to be a successful adult who cares about their community and invests in those around them. By mirroring these methods in our classrooms and through our intentional education system, your child will learn the value of education and reap the benefits for years to come.


The Bigger Picture

One of the most important things to understand when choosing a private school is the bigger picture. Establishing a solid foundation is only part of the goal. The next step for most high school graduates, is college.

Preparing your child for long-term success is a priority taken seriously by our staff. The same poll showed that about 64 percent of parents choose a private school based on the college preparation approach offered, whether specific classes or academic structure. It has been shown that private school students score above the proficient level in subjects like reading and math, and prove to have strong academic success in difficult courses more-so than public school students.

In a study conducted by NCES, a survey was done to prove the value of private versus public in the aspect of being “college and career prepared”. Here were their findings:



Resurrection Christian School is passionate about equipping our younger generations with what they need to grow and succeed both now, and into their future. Creating an atmosphere where a high level of academic achievement is the norm is a primary step to setting our students up for future success. Our smaller class ratios have enabled each student to receive more one on one attention and help when needed. As a direct result, each individual is able to excel in their unique potential. Maintaining a structure where students are met on the level they learn is a responsibility we take seriously and intentionally. The more each student understands their value to their teachers and peers, the more likely they are to succeed in school.

Beyond academics, these students need to know they are cared about. When you feel valued as an individual, you are able to pour out into those around you and the community as a whole. A study conducted with elementary teachers showed the significant difference of how many issues were cited in a public school setting versus a private school. Here were the findings:


This brings up an interesting visual to understand what a teacher in a private school – versus a teacher in a public school – has to face in their day. Instead of it being an issue of academic ability, it’s very evident that many other factors come into play. When class sizes are larger in the midst of daily struggles, it removes a percentage of their ability to teach and invest in each student.

This is why Resurrection Christian School puts an emphasis on the value of the class ratio, as well as the character of our staff. Dealing with daily struggles is a part of life, and if the student understands that they’re valued by their teacher, it will often directly help them in the classroom. Moreover, we strive to be concerned about our students as individuals, not just the grades they have. Providing a safe, healthy environment for them to grow and be supported is part of the success or our system.

Embodying the love of Christ and creating a parent-involved foundation in our school system has been our foundation here at Resurrection. From sports, to academics, to extracurricular activities, your child will have a loving, intentional environment in which you can trust your child will flourish. Take a virtual tour of our campus, or give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Keep Kids Safe on the Internet

Fort Collins Police Services will be hosting a “Keep Kids Safe on the Internet” event on Sept. 6, Nov. 1, and Dec. 6.
The event will be at the Fort Collins Police Services Community Room, 2221 S. Timberline Rd., in Fort Collins.
Topics will include:
– Sexual Predators
– Online Enticement and grooming
– Social Networking websites
– Cyberbullying
– Email, instant messaging, and texting

For more information, visit the attached flyer here.

May Newsletter

Dear RC Middle School Community Members,

The month of May is an exciting time of the school year.  Students are completing final units of study and soon will be preparing for final exams.  Students who are in performing arts are refining their performance pieces for our final choir and band concerts scheduled later in the month.  In our fourth quarter athletic programs, the girls soccer team had a successful year improving throughout the season capped with a very well-played season ending loss in the league semi final match.  Our coed track and field teams have established over ten school records this season and we are looking forward to a tremendous showing in the league championship on Monday, May 4th.

This last week of April, RCS hosted a three day visit for seven educators from Colorado and Arizona who were members of the ACSI Accreditation Team.  After months of reflecting on our practice and policies, writing reports and providing evidence and artifacts for all of the standards we were evaluated with, our District had the opportunity to meet with and learn from the ACSI team’s expertise and observations. The great news is that we have earned duel accreditation for another five years from both ACSI and AdvancedEd.  We are a very good school district that will continue to work hard to improve and provide the very best Christian education K-12. The results of the accreditation process and the recommendations by the team will be provided to our District in final report form in the near future.  Father God continues to bless our campus with very talented students, wonderful parents, committed and skilled members on the Board of Education, passionate staff, and an anointed leader in Superintendent Howlett.  I am humbled and grateful to serve alongside all of you at RCS.

I look forward to this final month of the semester and the special student and community events we will be hosting.  Please continue to communicate directly with our staff and advocate for your child.  Together with your family and church we are raising up the next generation of Christian leaders that will impact not only our local communities, but will touch the world and bring multitudes to the Kingdom of our Lord.

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez

April Newsletter

Greetings RC Middle School Community Members,

As the final quarter of our school year unfolds, we are excited about the rights of passage and transitions scheduled as students complete the final seven weeks of the semester.  Currently eighth grade students are registering for high school classes, selecting student council for high school, and in a few weeks, will be planning for their middle school graduation event.  It is a wonderful time in the journey of our middle school students to see them meeting with their high school counselor Mrs. Radford, and beginning to map out their classes and look at pathways to graduation spring of 2019.

As a District that benefits from one campus with students preschool through graduating seniors, we are blessed to have opportunities to share in prayer and praise reports.  Our elementary, middle, and high school students got behind our seniors with their missions trip to Belize not only with prayers and fundraising, but also witnessing their testimonies upon their return.  This week in chapel a number of seniors spoke about the provisions the Lord supplied for each, as well as the life changing events that occurred on the mission field as all members of the team drew closer with Father God.

Last Friday, our K-12 students and staff participated in a fundraiser for Down Syndrome and provided a check for $500 raised in one day with Hats on For Down Syndrome.   Our 6-12 grade students also participated in a fundraiser for His Little Feet International during chapel on Wednesday.  The Windsor based choir made up of orphan children ages 9-11 from around the world sang and shared some of their testimonies.  Along with an offering collected after chapel (over $1300!), our students had the opportunity to pick up a packet to sponsor an orphan or child in another country.  Look for these packets to arrive home with your children.

In two weeks (April 13 -15) our students will participate in our annual standardized testing.  Sixth and seventh grade students take a battery of tests from Terra Nova including Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies and Bible.  Our eighth grade students take the ACT Aspire test with units including Math, English, Reading, Writing, and Science.  Both the Terra Nova and ACT Aspire are regionally and nationally normed assessments.  ACT Aspire is closely aligned in format and style to the ACT exam for college admission that all of our students take at RCS their junior year.

Have a blessed Easter weekend.  May each of us experience the love and presence of Father God and the incredible Savior we have in Jesus Christ.

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez

March Middle School Newsletter

Greetings RC Middle School Community,

Last week, we hosted our first Middle Matters dialogue session. Community collaboration, parent partnerships, and direct communication are essential elements for our school.  I look forward to reporting out updates about the middle school as well as hearing comments, suggestions and questions from you.  Middle Matters meets on the last Friday of the month at 9:15 in the teacher workroom.  If you are unable to attend, a follow up video recording is posted on the RCS website within a week of the meeting.  Look for the Middle Matters tab on the Middle School page of our website.

Congratulations to our directors and cast of “Suessical”. I encourage you to go on line and purchase your tickets for the remaining three shows this weekend March 4, 5, and 6 at 7 p.m. You will be amazed at the transformation of our auditorium and the incredible set that has been designed.  You will be blessed by this combined middle and high school production.  The choreography, vocals, and witty dialogue make for a delightful show for all ages.  

On Friday, February 27, 3 middle school music groups performed in the ACSI Music Festival in Denver.  Our 7th grade band and our 8th grade band both received the highest rating of Superior.  Our 7th grade choir earned an Excellent rating on their performance.  Congratulations to our Cougar Choir, Band members, and directors Mrs. McCormick and Mr. Brown.

We are entering our final two weeks of third quarter.  Please continue to communicate directly with your child’s teachers if you have any questions or need clarification for any assignments or your child’s progress.  Our second semester parent/teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, March 12, from 4-8 p.m.  If you are not able to attend on 3/12, please contact your child’s teachers and schedule another time to meet.

I am pleased to announce that our middle school team has recently added a new member.  Many of you know Mr. Carson Blair, RCS 5th grade teacher.  Mr. Blair will be teaching 6th and 7th grade History next year.  Later this spring, we will be interviewing for 2 additional staff positions in Science.  Please keep our school in your prayers as the Lord continues to bless our community with families who are applying for their children to attend, and leading Christ centered, inspirational and talented teachers to our school.

As we enter into this season of change, renewal, springtime in Colorado….let’s do our best to renew our commitment to grow closer to our Lord and to be the light that guides others to salvation.  I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events at school.

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez

February Newsletter

Greetings RC Middle School Community,

February weather in Colorado provides a wonderful analogy to the seasons we are faced with in life.  This week we’ve had beautiful warm sunny weather, an arctic front and snow, and now 60 degree temperatures this weekend.  Similarly in life we are either moving into a storm, in the middle of one, or coming out.  At RC Middle School, this is also true with the children we are blessed to teach every day.  All of us are either heading into a storm, in the middle of one, or on the way out. Praise God we have His gifts and lessons to pour into the lives of everyone we serve.  Thank you for the privilege of partnering with your family to raise up the next generation of Christian Leaders.

This past week RCS had eleven middle school students who rehearsed and performed with the Colorado Middle School All State Choir at the Colorado Convention Center.  This is the first year we have participated in auditions.  Congratulations to Mrs. McCormick our choral director and to our talented students.  The performance on Friday night was exceptional.  Our drama department is in the final weeks of preparation for their two weekend run (2/26-28 and 3/4-6) of “Suessical”.  This is one of the most ambitious musical productions we have offered to our community.  Best wishes to our 6 – 12th graders who are involved in the production.  Our middle school girls basketball teams are having a great season.  Not only are they improving and having success on the scoreboard, they are competing with wonderful sportsmanship and character.  Our middle school wrestlers have been making their mark in dual meets and tournaments.  As a first year program, we arrive to meets with fewer than 10 athletes and have left every competition with opposing team coaches and parents impressed with the character, skills, and fierce competitive spirit our boys are bringing to the mat.

Thank you to all of the parents who have called or have stopped by to visit with me personally.  Each of you is the expert on your child.  Your vital input into the work we do at RCS helps us target our efforts and improve the learning of your child.  Our teachers strive to return phone calls and e-mails within 48 hours.  Please continue to communicate directly with teachers and include me with any discussion you would like for me to be aware of.  I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your child’s growth, learning and success.

In closing, I encourage you to consider offering 1% of each of your days to silence and attention to the quiet whisper of the Lord.  Outside of prayer, music, life’s celebrations or challenges….simply quiet, being still, and receiving the Lord’s blessings and guidance.  Fourteen minutes is 1% of our 24 hour days.  I am trying to do the same.  Stop the hamster wheels of my mind from spinning….and pay attention.

I look forward to the Divine Downloads that the Lord provides.

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez

January Middle School Newsletter

Happy New Year RC Middle School Community,

As we enter into 2015 it is with eager anticipation, high expectations, and gratitude that the Resurrection Christian Middle School Staff welcomes our opportunities to serve your family.  Our staff had a very productive professional development day on Monday, January 5.  We were honored to have the founding pastor of Resurrection Fellowship Church, John Stocker as our keynote speaker.  Pastor Stocker shared first hand history on the formation of the church, the decision to locate in an open field off I 25 over 25 years ago, how he followed the Lord’s word in building the church, starting a pre-school, and the dream of a school district and campus that we benefit from today. Following Pastor Stocker’s keynote, K-12 staff shared unique programs that exist at each grade level and honored one another as the work we do aligns with our three pillars at RCS, Boldly Christian, Globally Prepared, and Academically Equipped. In the culminating activity for the day, staff worked with like content area vertical teams utilizing the expertise that we have with our staff from grades K-12 and identifying next steps for articulating curriculum and finalizing the scope and sequence of each of the classes we offer at RCS.

We would like to welcome our two newest middle school staff members who began the week prior to Christmas break.  As a result of adding additional sections in our seventh grade classes to accommodate the large number of students who were on our wait list last summer, the RCS Board in November supported the hiring of two part time Educational Assistants to provide workload relief for our middle school staff.  Angela Klein and Tamara Sherrill have already made a tremendous impact on our staff.  Their passion for supporting teachers, serving others, working with middle school students, and tremendous work ethic are qualities that are an answer to prayer and another example of the Lord’s provision and  guiding exceptional talent to our school.

Today was the first day of practice for our inaugural season of middle school wrestling.  We are blessed to have a highly skilled coach, strong man of God, and former collegiate wrestler as our head coach.  Best wishes to Coach Stoltz as he trains our athletes for this grueling individual sport.  Our middle school  girl’s basketball team begins practice today.  We are thankful to have Coach Howlett and Coach Boehler returning to lead our teams.  Best wishes to our  students in drama and directors as they are now six weeks away from the production of “Seussical”.  At RCS our middle school and high school students join talents for our spring production.  We look forward to another run of awesome productions in February.

I encourage you to continue to communicate directly with your child’s teachers and to share your expertise on what is best for your child.  We look forward to improving our partnerships with you as we merge the parenting you provide at home, the ministry of the church you attend, and RCS to be the foundation your child has for developing into the Christian leaders each of our students will become.

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez

Merry Christmas – December Newsletter

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo,

What a wonderful season we are entering into as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah, praise God for the eternal gift He sent for all of us.

Our school is flourishing as we enter into this blessed season of our Lord’s birth.  Last week I marveled as hundreds of parents, family members and friends joined our students in our traditional Thanksgiving feast during our final day of classes prior to break.  As well, I was amazed at the incredible outpouring of support and generosity at the bake sale to benefit our senior class mission trip to Belize.  There are so many phenomenal traditions at RCS.  As a new member of the staff, I marvel during this year of “firsts’ for me.  I continue to be reminded of how blessed our community is and what a fabulous group of students, parents, and staff we have.

On Thursday during Advisement, we will continue with our year of firsts as our 8th grade band will perform their full concert program for the middle school in preparation for the District Band Concert on December 8.  Our cheer squad will perform a special routine and dance they have prepared for our all school assembly.  Our Chess Club will kick off the sign up campaign during the assembly with a video and introduction of our new coach. On line sign up for Chess Club will be posted on the RCS web page after the assembly.  Chess Club will begin practices in January.  Our new wrestling coaches will be introduced at the assembly.  All 6th – 8th grade boys are encouraged to sign up for the inaugural wrestling season.  The team will begin practicing after Christmas break as an 8th period elective.  Students may also participate after school if they are taking another 8th period elective third quarter.  Our boys basketball teams have had an exceptional season.  The first game of the District Tournament is at home Thursday, 12-4.  The basketball teams will also be recognized at the assembly on Thursday morning.

Please check the District web site for the Middle School Finals Week Testing Schedule.  All classes will meet for finals on Wednesday 12/17, Thursday 12/18, and Friday 12/19.  Each of these three finals testing days will have an early release with three testing periods on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday will have two testing periods.

Have a Merry Christmas Season.  Seek and give thanks for the relationships you have that are for life.  Not only for a lifetime…but that give life.  First and foremost, the relationship you have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is for eternity…and He gives us life in all circumstances.  I am thankful and grateful for the new relationships I am blessed with at RCS…I know you are for life!

With gratitude,

Rick Ramirez