RCS Student Life

Elementary School

Great lunches and great friends

Get to talk about God

Nice teachers

You don’t have to switch schools for middle school and high school

We get to see our siblings on campus

Middle School

RCS is great because you’re safe to be yourself and you can say that you love God with all your heart no matter what

RCS is great because we’re not really classmates it’s more like a family. Being involved in sports is better here because we try to show Christ’s love to each other and our opponents.

RCS is so great because people feel included. The teachers are very welcoming and they just teach us about God and life and how we are always welcome in Christ


High School

I like the small community

I like the fact that teachers care about how I’m doing

I like the feeling of family & community

I like that it is small enough to be  family-oriented and I can learn something about everyone.

I like the good athletic program.