“RCS has exceeded my already high expectations for what we were looking for. The value we get from the school will easily be the best investment we’ve ever made.”

~Troy McWhinney, CIO & Co-Founder, McWhinney~


“At RCS you get the best of both worlds; a strong academic school with a phenomenal faculty and staff that is dedicated to helping us raise boldly Christian children.”

~Dan Anderson, VP of Sales/Co-Founder, SeeUnity, Inc. ~


“For the last three years I’ve seen RCS shape my sons in a very positive manner. From Christian history to end of the football game prayers, I see real positive change in the way my sons act, study and behave. I believe with confidence that RCS is launching the next Christian generation of young men and women.”

~Jon Turner, President, Hillside Commercial Group ~


“We have been investing heavily in RCS for over 11 years now, 9 of which our daughter attended and graduated. Our investment has paid highly visible dividends every day as we have watched our daughter, nieces and nephews, and their many friends mature in an extraordinary and unique atmosphere. We can’t imagine our lives without RCS…”

~Tim Reeser Vice President, CSU Ventures ~


“I am impressed with the leadership and vision of RCS. The combination of academic excellence, Christian focus and athletic opportunities fit our family perfectly. This school has made all the difference in our move to northern Colorado three years ago. Thanks RCS!”

~Bill Ward, President/CEO, Ward Petroleum~