Elementary Fine Arts



Resurrection Christian School’s elementary music program is taught with a Kodály teaching method, which focuses mainly on bringing kids towards musical mastery with their own natural instrument: the voice.  As kids experience musical concepts through games, dances, and songs, they connect with the concept in a deeper way, thus improving retention of musicality and quality of performance.

This methodology lends itself to cross-disciplinary instruction and ensures that not only will their musical skill increase, but it will also help in  overall memory and skill retention.

Each musical concept builds on a previous concept.  All concepts are taught through a simple sequence:

  •  Prepare

Before understanding a concept, a student should subconsciously experience it through either a game, song, or dance.

  •  Present

Once a student has experienced a concept to the point of mastery, they will use musical terminology to make them aware of what they have been doing.

  • Practice

The student, now knowing the concept on a conscious level, can practice that skill both in and out of the context of the activity, as well as identify it through hearing, reading, writing, deriving, and creating.

Visual Arts