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6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

HS Mixed Choir

HS Avenue North

6th grade choir

6th grade choir provides an avenue for young students to worship and glorify God, while developing their voice, musicianship, creative skills and teamwork. Fundamental note reading, vocal technique, beginning musical theory concepts, and exposure to various genres of music are some of the components that make up the content of this course. Students prepare for concerts in November, March and May.

7th and 8th Grade Choir

No previous choral experience or audition is required. Sight singing, vocal technique, music theory, stage presence and general musicianship are among the units of study that make up this course. Students prepare for concerts in November, March and May as well as a variety of festivals and contests in the spring. These festivals include: Association of Christian Schools International Music Festival, and CHSAA Large Group (8th), and various community service oriented concerts. Choir members in these grades are eligible to audition for Colorado Middle School All State Choir, where RCS often leads the numbers of Northern Colorado acceptance levels for this event.

Concert Choir

High school concert choir is made up of singers from grades 9-12. This group does not require an audition, but previous choral experience is recommended. Fundamental note reading, vocal technique, musical theory concepts, and exposure to various genres of music are some of the components that make up the content of this course. Mixed choir members prepare for three concerts during the school year, in November, March, and May, and also regularly compete at large group CHSAA, the Elitch Gardens Music Festival, and lead community service oriented concerts. Students from this group are eligible to audition for Colorado All State Choir and regional honor choirs.

Avenue North

Avenue North is an advanced, audition only, mixed choir whose focus is to glorify God through acapella song. Members of this group are chosen by audition and is open to all students in grades 9-12. Previous experience in mixed choir is recommended, and required in some cases. Acapella music from all genres, time periods, and countries will be studied and performed. Music theory, history and sight singing are also an integral part of this class. Avenue North performs in school concerts in November, March and May, and participates in various competitions and festivals throughout the year. The choir has represented RCS at the CHSAA Jazz and Acapella competition for numerous years, where they receive Superior ratings consistently. Avenue North performs at the Elitch Gardens Music Festival, performs community service oriented concerts, and leads a very successful Singing Valentines program every February. Students from this group are eligible to audition for Colorado All State Choir and regional honor choirs.

Instrumental Music

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6th Grade Band

This is the introductory band for instrumental music. Students first learn how to assemble and to play their instruments. Building on their knowledge from their general music classes at the elementary level, students will work on elements of theory, ear training, and music history. Students work through Book One in the Standard of Excellence series for band. Students in 6th grade band will participate in the RCS Christmas program as well as The Spring Awards Concert held at The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.

7th Grade Band

Building on their first year, students in 7th grade band will participate in the RCS Fall, Christmas, and The Spring Awards concerts. Seventh grade band will also participate in the ACSI Band Festival in March. Students work out of Book Two in the Standard of Excellence series as well as the Foundations for Superior Performance. Starting in 7th grade band, there are opportunities for student leadership and conducting at one of the many performances.

8th Grade Band

Students at this point in band have a clear knowledge of the expectations for practicing and performance in the RCS band program.  Eighth grade is combined with the high school to form a symphonic and marching band (coming fall, 2013). Musicians with past experience in festivals and concerts will begin to add the marching element to their performance. Students will perform in all concerts and in the RMCA Band Festival in Niwot, Colorado. There are additional opportunities for growth with field trips to the Colorado Symphony. Band participants will be working in the Foundations for Superior Performance workbook and sheet music which will be utilized in all performances.

High School Band

High school band focuses primarily on the performance of music in concert settings. This band is combined with the 8th grade for instrumentation and challenging music. With the addition of the marching band, there are many opportunities for student  leadership. Students elected to leadership positions will attend a summer camp at CSU. They will perform in all festivals and RCS concerts, including the annual Spring Awards Concert held at The Lincoln Center. In the coming years, the band will be looking for marching and concert festivals to attend both in and out of state. As the program continues to develop, students will have opportunities to participate in solo and ensemble competition and to audition for the many Honor Band Festivals in the area.


Middle School Drama

Drama is offered as a quarter elective for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Students will be introduced to the building blocks of acting: characterization, concentration, physicality and movement, vocal production, and imagination. They will use these aspects to create rich, meaningful characters on stage. They also participate in building sets, creating props, and maintaining costumes and makeup. The students incorporate all of these skills into an end-of-quarter performance.

High School Drama

Students will learn the following foundations of acting, directing, and technical theater skills:

RCS Theater Department
RCS Theater Department
  • Auditioning:  monologue and song selection
  • Script and Character Analysis:  beats and objectives, character physicality, vocal production, and diction
  • International Phonetic Alphabet:  use of trans-Atlantic speech on stage and creating accurate accents and dialects
  • Performance:  preparing for a live production
  • Technical Theater:  assistant-directing and stage management, set designing and construction, lighting and sound, props, costumes, and make-up

During the course of the year high school students partner with middle school students in several productions. This facilitates mentoring relationships in the theater department on various levels, which increases the overall quality of performance.

As the program develops, there will be increasing opportunities for students to present their skills both individually and collectively in the area of technical theater, directing, competitions, and festivals.

There is also a continuing effort to increase the opportunities of effective integration for those students who are interested in pursuing the different areas of technical theater.



Visual Arts

Middle school students take art classes each year beginning in 6th grade!   These classes focus on developing a basic and applied understanding art.  Students experience a variety of art media and techniques to express their skills as they glorify the Lord through art!

At the high school level students have opportunities in 2D and 3D art.  Students build on their foundational knowledge with drawing, painting, as well as building and sculpting beautiful individual pieces of art!

Through their involvement in art classes our student body is able to make a global impact through the “ART for WATER” project.  This year, through the sale of student art, we were able to raise $6,000 to dig a well for a group of orphans in $6,000 in Mankayane, Swaziland.   CarePoint, which is a kitchen setup for public use helps provide clean water for 250 refugee students.