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RCS is a member of the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) and participates in the 2A Mile High League.

Mission Statement

The mission of the RCS Athletic Department is to enrich the spiritual life of each student, develop social and moral character, and enhance the physical skills of our students through a competitive athletic program.

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Objectives of RCS Athletics Department Personnel

  • To ensure that coaches set Christian examples of moral character while promoting enthusiasm, inspiration, and Christian ideals in student athletes
  • To  encourage attendance of students participating in extracurricular activities
  • To promote student participation in extracurricular activities
  • To improve character, fair play, and good citizenship
  • To develop desirable health habits
  • To increase public support  by communicating with the community and the news media

Requirements for Student Participation

  • Academic Eligibility
  • Physical Insurance or Waiver/Medical Release
  • Attendance

Behavior Expectations of the Student Athlete

  • Be a Christian example to teammates and other students
  • Glorify God in everything that you do
  • Accept and understand the responsibility and the privilege of representing the school and the community
  • Accept and follow the instructions of the coach
  • Live by the standards of sportsmanship established by the school administration and coaching staff
  • Learn the rules of the game thoroughly and discuss them with parents, fans, and fellow students
  • Treat opponents as guests and friends
  • Wish opponents good luck before the game and congratulate them following both victories and defeats
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials

RCS Sports Honor Code

In order to build a quality program that glorifies God, the RCS sports program requires commitment in the following areas:

  1. Practice: The athlete is required to attend every practice on time and dressed out.
  2. Games: The athlete is required to attend all games on time.
  3. Grades: The athlete is required to comply with CHSAA and RCS policies concerning eligibility.
  4. Character: The athlete is required to adhere to Christian principles of behavior and attitude, understanding that the student is a representative of his or her Lord, family, team, and school.
  5. Cooperation: The athlete is required to personally contact the coach if he or she will be late or will miss practice or must leave school. All reasons are not necessarily excused. No call to the coach is an unexcused absence. If not excused, the athlete is expected to make up missed conditioning and possible extra work, as decided by the coach. This cooperation indicates the team’s priority to the athlete and enables the coach to make adjustments necessitated by the athlete’s absence.
  6. Attitude: The athlete is required to do his or her part to put the team first. The student’s comments about the coach and team will be positive and uplifting.
  7. Prayer: The athlete is required to commit to pray for his or her coaches, team members, and opponents.


Athletic Fees

MS Football $125

MS Other Sports/Per Sport $50

HS Football $175 /Golf $325 – HS Hockey $TBA

HS Other Sports/Per Sport $55

Non RCS Fee of $200 per MS/HS sport on top of Sports Fee for students who do not attend RCS.

Parent Handbook

RCS Athletic Parent Handbook