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Hello Parents!

Bored yet?

Camp Wannabehere is coming up June 23-26 for any 3-6 year olds.  This summer camp has a camping theme…tents, fake fires, fake wild animals, chapel time, smore’s, and all kinds of fun! We will be on a journey through the Old Testament! Contact Becky in the preschool office to register or for more information, 612-0608. Space is limited so call soon! Registration will close on Friday, June 13, or sooner if the classes fill up.

Need ideas for summer??  Go to www.rcspreschool.org  Newletters from the Director- June 2013 (:



Have a blast with your kiddos this summer–stay safe and enjoy life!

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May 2014


Dealing with Fear

Fear can be a common emotion in children that can come from many different avenues. Please read this story below from The Love and Logic Institute on how to deal with children who are fearful.

Nine-year-old Ethan was afraid to leave home. The school bus was terrifying, other kids were scary. Ethan was even fearful of the wind!   Ethan’s story came to my attention when his parents shared their wonderful success story. As they began to learn more about the Love and Logic approach, they realized that children learn most of life’s big and important lessons in three ways…what we often refer to as the “Three E’s of Love and Logic.”

Example:                                                                                                                                                                 Kids take their emotional cues from the adults around them. Ethan’s mom and dad discovered that their anxiety about his anxiety was part of the problem. They realized that all of their reassuring words were actually suggesting to Ethan that his fears were legitimate. Therefore, they replaced their frantic attempts to calm him with consistently modeled confidence and a business-like attitude.

Experience:                                                                                                                                                         Ethan needed to face his fears and experience the fact that he was strong enough to cope. Rather than allowing him to stay inside when it was breezy, Mom and Dad took him to the park and drank hot chocolate together in the wind. Instead of allowing him to avoid other kids and the school bus, they taught him how to share his comic books with other children on the bus.

Empathy:                                                                                                                                                                  We all learn best when we’re around patient people who demonstrate love and high expectations. Unlike sympathy…which communicates pity…empathy communicates an “I-believe-in-you!” attitude. When Ethan became fearful and tried to avoid things by saying, “I’m scared!” or “I can’t do it!” his parents calmly replied, “Aren’t you glad that we don’t believe that?”

While Ethan made great strides in facing his fears and overcoming them, Mom and Dad admitted that part of the solution needed the involvement of a skilled therapist who helped the entire family remember this eternal truth:

Fear can only be mastered by facing it…not by avoiding it.

In the book, I’ve Got What It Takes, Jim Fay will give you plenty of practical ideas for helping your kids develop an I can do it, I’ve got what it takes attitude.

Love and Logic

I really like the above response, “Aren’t you glad we don’t believe that?” So many times we want to quickly dismiss children’s fears or tell them what they should or shouldn’t believe, need or feel. Let’s take time to ask the children more questions, teach them to face their fears or challenges, and learn to overcome! This will build great confidence in their lives!

Upcoming dates:

Promotion Ceremonies for Tender Vines and Budding Blossoms- May 14, 15, 16

Amazing Grapes Graduation- Friday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m.

Pay tuition in full by June 1, 2014 and receive a discount! Call Preschool office for your pre-pay tuition amount. 970.612.0608



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April 2014

The season of the Resurrection!

Spring is here–finally! This is the season of new life. The grass is turning green, the trees are budding, and tulips and crocuses are popping up out of the ground. The long, cold, dark winter days have passed. Although, as we have frequently noticed this year, weather doesn’t always cooperate with the calendar, there is one thing that we can be sure of, the message of the cross and Resurrection of Jesus! This is the best celebration of this season! Aren’t you glad we have that perfect hope? The never-ending HOPE of eternal LIFE.

John 11:25

Jesus said to her, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live…”

Teaching the true meaning of Easter to children is the most important lesson we will ever teach–and really the greatest truth ever grasped. What could be more important than discovering the path to our Creator and living eternally in His presence? A billion years from now, it will still be the most treasured truth!

Here is a couple great articles about teaching the Resurrection Story to all ages:



 Upcoming preschool Events:

April 11  Art Show/Spring Concert at 10:30 for all a.m. classes and 2:30 for all p.m. classes in the MAIN SANCTUARY

April 18  Good Friday-no school

April 20  Resurrection Day!

There will be no SCRIP the week of April 7, due to their Spring Break~

Oh, by the way, I still have the Starbuck’s card…see last month’s newsletter!

Cathi Roth




March…The Lion and the Lamb

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The old idiom “In like a lion and out like a lamb,” refers to March being cold and snowy at the beginning of the month and ending with warm sunshine and signs of spring popping up all around us. I’m not sure Colorado has a good track record of ever following that saying! But regardless, it is March and spring is fast approaching!

As I was thinking about that phrase, I was reminded that our Savior, Jesus, is referred to as both the Lion and the Lamb.  He first came like a Lamb and will return as the Lion! Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago as a baby and laid His life down as the sacrificial lamb who took away the sins of all mankind. On His first arrival Jesus was gentle, kind, peaceful, and yet had a strong, loving message of salvation. On His second visit and soon return to planet earth, He will come as the victorious Lion of the tribe of Judah and great kingship will be displayed for the whole world to see!

Hebrews 9:28, Matthew 24:27-30, Luke 21:25-28, Revelation 5:5

Children seem to learn well with word pictures. What a great word picture of Jesus–the sacrificial Lamb of God, and the strong, powerful Lion! This will be our focus for the next chapel.

So, let’s see how many people actually read these newsletters…if the official high temperature for Loveland does not go over 40 degrees (which it did not) on March 1, I have a $10 Starbucks card in my office for the first person who finds me!


Spring Break: March 17-21

Art Show: April 11

Good Friday, No school: April 18


February 2014

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I Wonder

Children love to be heard. They love to ask questions. They love to speak (loudly, I might add) into a microphone. They want their teachers and parents to think they are amazing and smart, important, and beautiful. It reminds me of the scene in the movie “The Help” where the nanny is methodically teaching a little mistreated girl these three attributes, “You is smart; you is kind; you is important.”  In today’s world we need to encourage children like never before. Children really need to know their Creator and that Jesus has a great plan for their lives! They were born for such a time as this!

Kids (and adults) learn best when they come to a conclusion by themselves. A good teacher will give children proper tools to help process a problem, and will guide them until they reach a solution. One method we use at RCS Preschool to help children think for themselves is, “I wonder statements.” I wonder statements can be used throughout the day. While reading a Bible story about Jonah and the big fish; “I wonder if the fish was a whale. I wonder how Jonah felt while he was in the belly of the fish. I wonder if Jonah ever ran away from God again.” What do you wonder?

We, as teachers, parents, and grandparents, can spark learning in the lives of children of all ages when we use this method of teaching.  Jesus used this Socratic method of teaching by responding to a question with a question.

Try using I wonder statements with your children at home, during/after a TV show or movie, after a conflict with neighbors or friends, or while lying on the grass gazing at the clouds in the sky. Encourage children to think, wonder, ponder, imagine, and discover! It is how they learn about this amazing world God gave us.

The poem below best illustrates the wonderings of a small child:


By: Jeannie Kirby

I wonder why the grass is green,

And why the wind is never seen?

Who taught the birds to build a nest,

And told the trees to take a rest?

O, when the moon is not quite round,

Where can the missing bit be found?

Who lights the stars, when they blow out,

And makes the lightning flash about?

Who paints the rainbow in the sky,

And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Why is it now, do you suppose,

That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows?

Preschool Registration for 2104.2015:

Feb 5: Former RCS Preschool Families, Resurrection Fellowship families, and RCS siblings

Feb 18: OPEN to the public!

Please call 970-612-0632 for more information or to set up a tour~

January 2014

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Yippee! It’s a new year!

This is the time to put the last year behind us and look to new things, new adventures…a time to make resolutions, set goals for improving our lives–body, soul, and spirit. A new year brings with it the idea of a fresh start, a blank page, a journal entry yet to be written.

I personally do not like making New Year’s resolutions. Failure seems to come too quickly, so why set myself up, right? But, every January I like to come up with a slogan about the new year, one that rhymes, one that is easily remembered, one that I can reflect on and try to live by during the next 12 months. Here are a few examples from past years: 2008, It’s gonna be great! 2009, He is mine! 2010, I can’t remember but it ended with the word again?? 2011, Goin’ to heaven! (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Twelve was difficult, but now I have six years to rhyme with “teen!” Hhhmmm…Go Green, Make me Lean, Don’t be MeanGive up Caffeine, Only eat Protein, Don’t Cook or Clean.  Okay, so obviously I haven’t had time to pray, or even think, about the upcoming years, but you get the point!

The following statement is my life focus for 2014.

2014~He wants to be seen~

John 20:14, “…When she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, and did not know that it was Jesus.”

This is the passage when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene after He rose from the dead. Mary’s good friend, that she knew for many years, was standing before her and she perceived Him to be the gardener! Wow! Was it just too radical to believe that Jesus came back from the dead? Or was the person standing before her not what she was expecting?

How many situations have occurred in our lives where Jesus was very present, but we didn’t even notice or acknowledge His hand? I am sure we can all list many accounts.

I believe the LORD wants to be seen in many areas. He desires us, the Body of Christ, to have the eyes of our hearts enlightened and walk in a new perception and understanding of the Kingdom of God. He wants us to see Him move outside the four walls of the church building, in the places we live and work. And He loves when we see Jesus in each other; when we recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in the people around us.

For the little people in our lives, let’s be diligent to point out the works of Jesus. Take time every day to talk about His goodness. Be intentional with your children to verbally recognize how God is working in your family, the local community, or the whole world. We want children, as they grow and mature, to recognize the kingdom of God being established, and to perceive the Holy Spirit moving all around them. This will help them “own” an individual relationship with Jesus. It becomes part of their story. Focusing on righteousness, peace, and joy (the kingdom of God), is a powerful tool that aides in seeing and knowing God.

~May Jesus be seen in 2014, by all of us, and in all of us~


2014.2015 Preschool Registration for current families starts Tuesday, January 21 @ 8:00 a.m. Details will be emailed and sent home with all RCS preschool families.

 Feb. 4: Preschool registration open to RCS families, REZ families, former RCS preschool families, and Rez Mops families.

Feb. 18: Open to the public!



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What Shall I Give Him?

Recently I was polling some of our preschool students about the meaning of Christmas. I asked them their thoughts on why we celebrate Christmas. What is it all about? Whose birthday do we celebrate? I quickly realized that we have some teaching to do the next few weeks! I know many of the kiddos know the correct answer; the true meaning of Christmas, but that wasn’t on the forefront of their minds. Presents and Santa were first to pop out of their mouths. And yes, I know, I get it.  That is part of how we Americans celebrate the season. St. Nick was a kind, compassionate servant. But the distractions of this season, even if they are good, can many times cloud the focus of the greatest gift of all, JESUS.

Our chapel this month will include a birthday party for Jesus and a time to present homemade paper hearts to the curly-headed plastic baby Jesus lying in the manger. This is a sweet gesture we do every December to commemorate His birthday; preschoolers giving their lives, and their hearts to Jesus, acknowledging one of the most miraculous days in history! It is a very moving chapel!

The challenge we all have as American Christians is to continually fight for family time, and resist the constant pressures of the marketing world. Black Friday has now crept in to Thanksgiving Thursday. The commercials scream that we need more than what we already have–bigger, better, newer. Ugh, we already have way too much stuff! This year I am going to try to avoid the consumer merry-go-round! Or at least, smile while I’m on it! Let’s encourage one another to swim upstream during this season. Go against the flow. Let’s start new traditions that teach lasting love, serving others, and the value of time spent together. I realize this takes a lot of energy and sometimes we can feel a little persecuted, but blessed are the persecuted for His Name sake, right?

When we give to others in acts of service and kindness, it is like giving a birthday gift to Jesus. Let’s celebrate the Light of the world by sharing His light with others. Our light shines the brightest in darkness. Listening to the news lately- the world is dark, and getting darker. BUT, here’s the GOOD NEWS: 2000 years ago Father God sent His only Son, Jesus, to the earth to live among us, and show us the way back to the Father! This is not our permanent home. We are passing through. So shine bright, my friends. Press in to His Goodness and swim upstream! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Upcoming events:

Chapel-Dec. 9/10

Preschool Christmas Program-Tuesday, Dec. 17,  5:00 pm or 6:30 pm




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The first place I go to in my mind when I hear the word Thanksgiving is turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, the Macy’s Day parade, football games, and long naps–ahh, what a wonderful day of gathering together and stuffing ourselves! I am thankful for that day!

According to the Bible, thanksgiving or giving thanks is actually the way to the Father. Psalm 100:4, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, enter His courts with praise.” We enter the gate by giving thanks and being grateful to the King of Kings for who He is and what He has done for us. Thanksgiving then leads to praise.  Praise leads to the inner court of the Lord.

Every time one of our preschool classes goes through the gate that leads to the playground, they pause and verbally give thanks to God for something. What a great, tangible way of teaching them to enter with thanks!

Jeremiah 33:11, “…the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, and the voices of those who bring thank offerings to the house of the Lord, saying, ‘Give thanks to the Lord Almighty, for the Lord is good; His love endures forever.’ For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before, says the Lord.” Giving thanks releases the promises of provision and restoration.

2 Corinthians 4:14-15, “We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus, will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you. All of this is for your benefit. And as God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more glory.” As we acknowledge the grace of God in our lives and in the earth, thanksgiving will come.  Thanksgiving releases His glory.

So how can we instill a grateful heart to the little people of our lives? Let’s start by verbally acknowledging God’s goodness throughout our day. We can instruct children to draw pictures, or list 5-10 things that they are thankful for, and then talk about them everyday at breakfast or bedtime. A lifestyle of thanksgiving is so powerful.  Our western mindsets of instant gratification will compete with a heart of gratitude, and so often we, even as adults, need to take time to appreciate the simplest pleasures of life. We are so used to getting what we want without taking the time to ponder where it comes from or who supplied the gift.

The other day I read an article about a church that is starting a “drive thru prayer” ministry. Really? I understand that at times we really do need people to come alongside us and contend for situations in our lives, but what about just entering His presence? In His presence is fullness of joy! Psalm 16:11, “You make known to me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy. At your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”  There is a clear path to His presence–through the gate with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise!

Let’s make a conscious effort to walk this life with a grateful heart and share the Goodness of God wherever we go and whoever we are around. It brings His Glory.

Happy Thanksgiving RCS Family!

So thankful for all of you…Cathi Roth


Important Dates:

November 20: Picture retakes
Parent/Teacher conferences: Monday/Tuesday, November 25 and 26. Sign up in your child’s classroom. RCS ALL School Tour designed for our preschool families that are interested in learning more about the K-12 program will be happening on November 25 and 26 as well! 


Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day this year (November 28). They have never been on the same day before and never will again (well, at least for 77,000 more years)! Some are calling it Thanksgivikah!



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Stop, Look, Turn

Our community is in the middle of dealing with a devastating natural disaster. It came suddenly, without warning. Many lives were affected, possessions were lost, and the clean-up and restoration of the “tangible” has begun. Roads will be repaired, bridges and homes will be rebuilt, and the 2013 Colorado Flood will become a memory, a marker in time for all who were here during this horrific event.

But wait! Is that it? Should we move on this quickly? In a God-driven world we would come together as a community for a time of repentance, prayer, and fasting. I started thinking about the scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that says. “If my people, who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins, and heal their land“.

Wow, we really need our land healed. We also need our hearts healed.

The Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur was the Friday night of the flood. Yom Kippur is the day of atonement, or also known as the day of judgment. Interesting timing. Coincidence? Maybe. The 10 days prior to Yom Kippur is when Jewish people repent of their sins. They look at their hearts, take inventory and “get clean” before God. So is this local tragedy part of the judgment of God? I don’t know, but if it is God’s judgment, it is motivated by His great Love for us.

The teacher in me started wondering, how do we teach repentance? Forgiveness is taught, but repentance is a word that is not mentioned frequently enough and yet this was the message of Jesus. “Repent and be baptized.”
His disciples carried on that message in Acts 3:19, “…Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out and times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”
Repent means to turn from our sin and turn toward God. It can also have a concept of heart-wrenching pain attached to it. To repent is not a casual concept, and yet it should be easy and automatic. After repentance, “times of refreshing will come.” I like that part! I want to teach that to the preschoolers!
We, as parents and teachers, can give biblical examples and personal examples of repentance to our children. We can teach the concept. We can give them language for the heart sorrow they will feel after doing something wrong. When we sin, we usually want to hide from God and others. But, teaching children to quickly turn toward God when they feel separated by sin will in fact, set them free.
I came up with an easy way to teach this concept to our children:
Stop what you are doing, look at your heart, and turn toward God.
Psalm 139:23 says, “Search me God and know my heart…”  Adults love to feel clean, forgiven, accepted, in right standing, secure, and free. So do children. Let’s model repentance, forgiveness, and walking in righteousness to the little people in our lives so that it becomes natural for them to turn to God and receive forgiveness and a clean heart.
Perhaps true healing will come to us as individuals, as a community, and as a nation if we take the time to STOP, LOOK, and TURN.

Newsletter from the Preschool Director

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Sweet September

Preschool is back in full swing, and we are having fun! The first days brought in new sweet, sparkly shoes, sweet superhero backpacks that go down to the back of their knees, a lots of sweet, excited, happy faces, and a few tears from moms (kinda sweet). Maybe tears of joy? Maybe tears of sadness? Maybe both? Nonetheless, it has been an amazing start to the 2013-2014 school year!
The Preschool staff is buzzing with excitement as they get to know their new little friends, and teach them all about the goodness of God and the big world He made through fun thematic units, the ABC’s and 1,2,3’s. It is going to be a memorable year!

I would like to extend and invitation for some upcoming parenting classes that Resurrection Fellowship is offering. Please see info from Pastor Steve bangs below:

Parents, you won’t want to miss this two-part seminar with International speaker and author Ray Lincoln (author of the bestseller “I am a Keeper“) and National trainer and coach Shelly Donahue.You will get six weeks of dynamic teaching on Sunday mornings at the 10:30 am service in the RCS auditorium, September 8-October 20.  Childcare is provided via the BK nurseries and the Elementary Department. Ray Lincoln will be teaching about rearing children according to how God has made them (their temperament) for three weeks, and Shelly Donahue will be teaching the ABC’s of the Birds and the Bees: Sexuality Education for Parents of Toddlers to Teens for three weeks.

Space is limited so register early by using this link on the REZCONNECT website or in the back of Main during weekend services of August 31-September 1. Cost is $95 per couple or $65 per person.