Do I need to attend Rez.Church in order to enroll at the school?

You do not need to be an attending member of Rez.Church in order to have your student attend RCS. While partner with Rez.Church to bring you the very best education possible, our students represent over 60 churches from 20 different denominations. If you do not have a home church, we strongly recommend that you give the Rez.Church a try and attend one of their fantastic weekend services.

2017-2018 School Calendar
What is the 2018-2019 tuition?

What time does school begin and end?

Elementary School

8:15 am to 3:15 pm

Middle School

8:00 am to 3:25

High School

8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Elementary School

A Typical day in RCS Full Day Kindergarten
  • Students arrive at school
  • Welcome, pledges, prayer, PAWS & Life Skills
  • Language Arts
  • Snack and Recess
  • Math Lesson & Math Activity
  • Prayer, Worship, and Bible Time
  • Lunch & Lunch Recess (hot lunch available)
  • Quiet Time
  • Enrichment Science & Social Studies
  • Snack & Recess
  • Get ready to go home
A Typical RCS Half Day Kindergarten
  • Student arrive at schoool
  • Welcome, pledges, prayer, PAWS & Life Skills
  • Language Arts
  • Snack & Recess
  • Math Lesson and Math Activity
  • Prayer, worship, and Bible time
  • Get ready to go home
How Can I Prepare My Child for Kindergarten?
  • Read to your child daily! Talk about the story afterwards.
  • Teach your child tasks such as tying shoes, zipping, and buttoning.
  • Have your child practice with cutting on a line with scissors.
  • Have your child practice coloring inside the lines.
  • Show your child how to correctly hold a pencil.
  • Teach your child how to write his/her first name.
  • Count with your child to 20…or to 100!
  • Help your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-10.
  • Give your child the opportunity to show responsibility by assigning small chores they are able to do on their own.
  • Before doing something for them, encourage them to try it on their own!
  • Often times they’re capable of more than they think!
  • Practice manners and provide opportunities for your child to play and share with other children.
  • Take your child to story time at a library so they can practice listening attentively.
  • Help your child to understand the reason for following rules as well as recognizing and listening to those in authority.
  • Pray for and with your child

Ask yourself:

  • Is my child able to sit and pay attention to an adult-directed task for short periods of time, like 5-10 minutes?
  • Can my child separate from me without being upset?
  • Is my child able to follow three verbal directions such as: “Go upstairs, get your shoes, and put your shoes on”?
Elementary Chapel

RCS Elementary Chapel meets once a week. Students learn and participate in worship. Weekly there is a guest pastor or leader who shares a lesson involving various Biblical truths.

We have discipleship groups once a month where 5th graders teach a Bible lesson to the younger students.

Elementary Curriculum

Language Arts


Wonders, published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill, is a research based, comprehensive Reading Language Arts program for grades K-5 that gives educators the resources they need to help all students master skills in Phonemics Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Writing. High quality literature coupled with explicit instruction and ample practice ensures that students grow as life-long readers and writers.






Math Expressions, published by Houghton Mifflin, combines elements of standards-based instruction with the best traditional approaches. Through drawings, conceptual language, and real-world examples, it helps students make sense of mathematics.





Social Studies and Science

Heritage, published by Bob Jones, integrates civics, economics, geography, history, and government all from a Christian World View. Science books include activities, experiments, and projects that include opportunities to discuss how God alone made the world and everything in it.




Students also have: Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Library each week.

Elementary Activities & Clubs

Bella Voce, Honors Choir
This is an after-school choir for 4th & 5th graders. Performances include the RCS Book Fair, Ministry Outings, Christmas Programs, Colorado Eagles games, Colorado Rockies games, and more.

Lego League
Lego league is a robotics competition integrating technology, math, and science. This program is available for 4th and 5th graders.

Chessmates consists of teaching time with Candidate Master and multiple-time Stat Champion Brad Lundstrom. Instruction is followed by playing time with other club members. There are optional opportunities to participate in local competitions.

Lego Engineering
Students from CSU come and teach engineering through Legos to our students.

Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

Math: Holt-McDougal
English: Writing – Step Up to Writing & 6 + 1 Traits, Reading – Novel Units (fiction/non-fiction & poetry) list of board approved novels
Bob Jones
Bob Jones
Standard Publishing Biblical Choices

General Information

Every student in MS takes art, computer, and PE (uniform required)
Drama (MS production in the Fall), yearbook design, fitness, and athletics

6th grade: boys & girls cross country and track & field. Girls cheer and soccer. Boys wrestling
7th & 8th grade: boys & girls cross country, basketball, and track & field. Girls volleyball and cheer. Boys football and wrestling

Required for 6th & 7th grade – either band or choir
Required for 8th grade – band, choir, or Spanish

Middle school and High school have mostly separate chapels
Combined middle and high school chapels once a month
Praise & Worship with a sermon from various outside speakers and RCS teachers & staff

6th grade has half size lockers and do not share lockers
7th and 8th graders have full size lockers and share with a chosen locker partner

Pre-order on RenWeb
Cash for Friday lunch brought in
Assigned students clean up each week

Middle School Events
6th grade annual day trip (bowling & laser tag)
7th grade ropes course
8th grade overnight at Camp Timberline
Homecoming dress up days
Recognition & celebration assemblies (Ultimate Cougar, Fruit of the Spirit awards)
Annual dodgeball tournament
Movie & game night
8th grade boys are invited to the high school boy’s Lumber Jack Day (rite of passage)
8th grade girls are invited to the high school girl’s GEM Celebration (rite of passage)
8th grade celebration

8th grade Washington DC trip (optional)

High School

High School Curriculum and Supplements

Textbook: Hold McDougal

Textbook: Bedford Publishing (AP Language Composition); Houghton Mifflin
Supplemental: The Shack, Old Man and the Sea, Lord of the Flies, Julius Caesar, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Alchemist, The Joy Luck Club, Macbeth, Cry, the Beloved Country, Red Badge of Courage, The Great Gatsby, House on Mango Street, Peace Like a River, Death of a Salesman, The Scarlet Letter, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, Great Expectations, Fahernheit 451, Six Traits of Writing; Writer’s Inc

Textbooks: Bob Jones Press (Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics); McGraw/Hill (Anatomy); Pearson (Advanced Biology)

Social Studies
Textbook: Bob Jones Press (World & American History; Geography); Wadsworth Cengage (AP U.S. History) Pearson (Economics)
Supplemental: Dave Ramsey HS Financial Peace; Wiley and Sons (Forbes); Stanford History Education

Textbook: Prentice Hall

The Bible
Supplemental: Is God a Moral Monster? (9th); How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth (10th); Let the Nations be Glad! (11th); The Supremacy of God in Missions, Sticky Faith, Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures (12th)

ACT/College Prep
Supplemental: Peterson (ACT Practice); Wadsworth Cengage (college writing)

ACT Scores

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