High School Spirit


Nicole Dreyer – Head Coach – faithloveandcheer@gmail.com




It is the purpose of the RCS cheerleaders to:

  1. Promote and uphold school spirit while living out an “I’m Third” lifestyle.  God first, others second, I’m third!
  2. Build awareness of RCS in our communities through TEAM S.H.I.N.E.
  3. Set an example of good behavior at all times.
  4. Promote team unity between all members of the squad.
  5. Promote friendship with schools with whom we compete.

It shall be the purpose of the RCS Cheer Team to promote and uphold the Sportsmanship Mission statement of RCS High School as defined in the Athletic Handbook.  We will accomplish this by positively reflecting the pride in our school, our team, and ourselves.  We will uphold and promote team spirit for those we encounter, to develop good sportsmanship by example and to support good relations in the community and between teams and squads during events.  It is our overall goal to have a cheer team that reflects the very best of RCS High School.  Our organizational goal is to work in harmony with the coaches, athletes, and administration to foster Cougar Pride throughout our school.