May 2013

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Yeah! It’s May!

May, a month of transition…transitioning from school schedules to summer break, spring to summer (hopefully, anyway), and then there are end of the year class parties, field trips, and graduation and promotion ceremonies!

RCS Pre-K Amazing Grapes graduation ceremony will take place Friday evening, May 17, in the Main Sanctuary. 100 little people will march into the sanctuary to “pomp and circumstance”, loud and proud, and line the stage sporting purple and gold graduation caps. They will sing, dance, and recite their pledges, while moms wipe tears from their eyes wondering where the last five years went. Other moms will wipe a tear from their eye wondering how in the world they will keep their children busy all summer! (:  Yes, it is a little dramatic, but it is a significant mile marker in their little lives. The big world of Kindergarten is just a few short months away!

Many parents ask us about summer programs and how they can help their children stay prepared for Kindergarten. Here’s a couple of thoughts:

~Rez Fellowship’s VBS is June 10-14, 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Call the church office at 667-5470 for more information.

~RCS Preschool’s SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Week) is June 24-27, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for 3-6 year olds. Contact the preschool office at 612-0655 for more information.

~Read. Read. Read. Studies show that children that are read to often have higher reading and comprehension levels. It’s also good cuddle time, too!

~Sidewalk chalk, water painting on the driveway, and pudding or shaving cream finger painting are always a summer treat, and it also helps in developing fine motor skills!

The month of May is always busy, and it takes a lot of effort to stay focused on the important things…but it is well worth it. Take mental snapshots of each event and enjoy the journey!


Cathi Roth



Colorado State eCybermission Winners


Colorado 7th Grade 1st and 2nd Place Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to the Kcubed Dino and Fizzy Izzy Dino eCybermission Teams.  These two science fair teams competed in the eCybermission International Science Fair Competition, sponsored by the U.S. Army to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  This year’s competition had 3451 Science Fair Teams with 12374 students participating.

The Colorado 1st Place 7th Grade Team is the Kcubed Dino Team.  This team consists of RCS 7th Graders Katelyn Anderson, Kaylin Brand and Kayla Smith.  Each of these team members were awarded $1000.00 for their first place entry.  The Colorado 2nd Place 7th Grade Team is the Fizzy Izzy Dinos Team.  This team consists of RCS 7th Graders Sarah Christensen, Tyler Lindgren, Janae Onda and Savannah Murray.  Each of these team members were awarded $500.00 for their second place entry.

The Kcubed Dinos experimented with microwaved water and its effect on plant growth and the Fizzy Izzy Dinos tested the insulation properties of water bottles.

Randy Bell, Middle School Science Teacher was the adviser for these and 40 additional 7th and 8th grade teams that participated in the competition.

From the Elementary Principal


RCS Elementary Students love to read!! You will see many different things happening that encourage reading, such as classroom incentives, pizza coupons, book fairs, and new books in classrooms and library to name a few! To determine a student’s reading ability, we currently use Lexile scores obtained from the Terra Nova 3 standardized testing, DIBELs reading assessments, and overall classroom information. We are in the process of evaluating the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) which will give us more information regarding a student’s reading ability, and then will provide ideas for options to differentiate for their reading level. Scholastic also has a reading program entitled Scholastic Reading Counts. This is a computerized reading program that encourages critical thinking and comprehension for books that students read. Our mission is to build on our strong foundation that continues to develop a literacy program that monitors students for progress, offers intervention and remediation to students below grade level, and gives educationally appropriate, yet challenging options to students who are exceeding grade level expectations.

Keep Watch

The playground reveals a lot about what it happening in the world of a child! Kids process what is going on in their minds and lives through play. We encourage healthy competition within sports and including all who want to play in games. We discourage violence and “killing” games. I would really encourage you as parents to go to This is a website hosted by Focus on the Family and gives great guidance regarding the content of movies and games. It is very easy as parents to think that our children are mature enough to handle things when they say they can or their friends play or watch certain things. Even though it is sometimes difficult to draw tough lines that they fight against, in the long run, they are greatly relieved and appreciate a safe boundary. Know what your kids are playing, watching, and listening to!


In the whirlwind of activities that happen at RCS, we sometimes forget to celebrate some of the unique student accomplishments within the community. With that in mind, I would like to share two recent events.

Last Friday, four RCS senior girls competed with other top finalists in Agrium’s “Caring for Our Watersheds” contest at UNC. There were over 55 proposals from HS students who had researched watersheds, identified environmental concerns and brainstormed realistic solutions.

RCS seniors Kellie Gadeken and Hannah Meyers took first place for their “Watershed Warriors” proposal, to create a curriculum which will build awareness of what a watershed is and how elementary students can begin to protect the Poudre River Watershed. They were awarded $1000, with matching funds for RCS. Seniors Darcy Bolders and Makenzie Richardson placed seventh for their proposal, entitled “No Gnats Allowed”, which involves a recycling program for the new high school building. They were awarded $450, with matching funds for RCS.

This is the fourth year for this competition and the first time a Christian school has won. The watershed project represents a lot of hard work, and we want to congratulate these four young ladies and their mentors (Mrs. Radford and Mrs. Yonker) for their remarkable accomplishments.

The second recognition goes to the HS Robotics Team, under the leadership of Matt and Cathy Collier. Last week, the team competed against 36 other teams in the Colorado FTC Championship Tournament and earned one of six judging awards. They received the award based on their significant efforts to connect with community and the world of engineering, science and technology. The team will travel to Wyoming March 16 for another competition, which will determine finalists for Internationals.

As an integral part of outreach, the robotics team donated Legos to a Belize school and will take the next step this March when senior robotics students provide training to Belize teachers. Special thanks to the robotics team, team leaders and the initiative of Rich Yonker for making robotics club happen at RCS. We wish them well in their endeavors.

Notes from the Middle School Principal

  • Respect
  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility

As a school our mission is that our students are:

  • Boldly Christian
  • Academically Equipped
  • Globally Prepared

As a staff we are excited to partner with each student and family as they grow in their personal relationship with Christ.  On several occasions I have witnessed students and staff praying for one another and encouraging each other in their daily struggles and successes, how beautiful to get to see the body of Christ in action.

Throughout this school year we continue to have a strong focus on how our students are Academically Equipped.

6th Grade

We have seen an even smoother transition for our 6th graders.  RCS Middle School has a dedicated 6th grade teaching team that provides consistent expectations and instruction for each of their students.

  • Mr. Anderson teaches 6th grade math and science
  • Mrs. Boehler teaches 6th grade Bible
  • Ms. Gonzales teaches 6th grade English and history

As a result of our teacher commitment and student effort, over 50 % of RCS 6th grade students achieved the highest honor roll recognition for fall semester, earning a 3.85 GPA or higher.

Jennifer McLain
Middle School Principal

Art for Water

During first semester the secondary art depart at RCS took on a project called ART for WATER to raise $6,250.00 to provide a water well for 250 refugee students in Swaziland, Africa who did not have clean drinking water.  Through a big art show and sale of student art work, student donations, a donation from the Elementary Art Department and students selling drawings of African orphan children we were able to raise the whole amount! A well is now being completed in a village in Swaziland! A HUGE THANK YOU to all who contributed to this project.

Seniors – Helpful Info From The Guidance Office

We are celebrating 100 days of school in the 2012-2013 school year. Dress up like a 100 year old person if you like by sporting old-fashioned clothes, wigs, spectacles, etc. We are so proud of our students and faculty for the hard work that you’ve all put in so far and are excited to move into the next phase of the school year.


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