September 2014

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It has been the best, most peaceful first week of school ever!  Thank you parents for helping to make it a great beginning!

Every year the Lord highlights a word for us about the upcoming school year. One year the word was “Love“, another year it was “Partnering.”  The word for this year is “Connections.”  As preschool staff, it is our hearts desire to connect with the children, connect with the parents, connect at a deeper level with all the RCS staff, but mostly we are focusing on personally connecting with Jesus and discovering new facets of His character. He is our life line and we are desperate to know Him better! We can’t teach what we don’t know…

Who is He and who are we in Christ?

Identity can be a struggle for people of all ages. The RCS Preschool staff is committed and focused on encouraging children to be who God created them to be.  A key phrase that you may hear from the children is U.B.U. (YOU BE YOU). You may also notice that our new blue staff shirts reflect that same message.  In preschool chapel this month we will be teaching children to be like the birds and sing their own song. (:  I also have the privilege of teaching on Genesis in the Elementary chapel (2nd-5th grades) this week, also teaching them that same concept of being who they were created to be. God created us uniquely and intricately and gave us great gifts and talents for such a time as this. It is our job, as parents, and educators, to help children and young people discover the gold that God has deposited in them. Can you imagine a world full of passionate, confident people who know God, walk in their gifts, and are using their talents to better this planet? Wow, kinda sounds like heaven.

Ideas to help your children discover who they are:

Point out animals and creatures in nature and how they perform duties as they were designed to do. Ask questions about what it would look like if the anteater stopped eating ants, and if the fish decided they would be land animals instead. It will be fun to hear their answers!

Ask the children if they know why they were created. Encourage them to write it down or draw it on paper. Art work and journals reveal a lot of insight! If you do this exercise, please bring your child’s artwork to school so we could display the masterpieces outside the preschool office!!

And maybe these are questions we ponder for ourselves, too??

I challenge you, today, to make an impact for the Kingdom of God, love a little more, smile a bit bigger, and show the people around you that God is good and in a good mood!

Cathi Roth, Director

Upcoming dates: Watch for exciting changes in this year’s walk-a-thon/family picnic, October 1 & 2