Walking With Jesus

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October 2014

Happy Fall!

Every year, for the past 13 years, RCS Preschool has sponsored a Walk A Thon to raise monies for new playground equipment for the east playground. We now have a wonderful play area for our Preschool and Elementary schools, all donated by friends and families of RCS Preschool. We are so grateful for all the donations over the years!!

This year we decided, since we have such a great playground, to do an outreach, and bless a school in Nakalanda, Uganda.

Nakalanda is a very poor remote village across Murchison Bay from Kampala in Uganda. It has a population of 1500 people. Donations will help some immediate needs for Eagle’s Nest primary school.  It will go towards a new kitchen for their “Food for Thought” daily feeding program and for new playground equipment. It is good for kids to “work hard” (walking three laps) to benefit others. ♥


Walking With Jesus

How do we, as parents and educators, effectively teach the value of walking with Jesus or following Him, especially in the area of serving others and giving to the less fortunate?

It starts with us. Consistency is a key to imparting long lasting truths. What are ways that we show our children acts of service? How can we encourage serving in our neighborhoods and communities, or in our own homes?

I love the passages in Deuteronomy chapters 6 & 11 where it talks about teaching your children the ways of God in everyday life! While you are in your house, driving down the street, or going to the grocery store (my paraphrase), talk about the goodness of God, and how we can imitate Jesus’ example of living. Find opportunities to share with your children how loved and valued they are, and how important it is to give of themselves to ALL the people of the world. Sharing with others is so vital to our spiritual life.

One of the greatest gifts a parent can receive is to watch their children develop a relationship with Jesus and walk with Him throughout their lives. It makes a momma’s heart happy when they see their child depending on Jesus, in the good times and the tough times. Imparting truth into our children is so valuable!

Sing YOUR song!

One concept we have been teaching the kids lately is how unique they are and how creative God was when He formed them in their mommy’s womb. In chapel we learned that we all need to sing our own song. Yes, I know, many parents were thrilled to find bird whistles in their child’s hands at the end of the day. Some have even mysteriously disappeared from their homes. (The bird whistles, I mean) (:  But, we really wanted to drive the point home that we all have a place in this world, and we all have a voice, and a “song” to sing. We are valued. We are on the earth for a grand purpose! Our “song,” just like all the bird’s songs, have a unique sound and melody, but they are all needed to bring about God’s perfect plan for the earth!

God wants us to sing the song He put in us, AND to share it with others!


Pumpkin Patch Field Trip-Oct. 13 and 14

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Fall Break-No school October 27-31


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