The Schools at RCS

Resurrection Christian School is Preschool through 12th grade.

  • Over 1,000 students
  • 670 families, from 19 communities
  • 70 churches and 21 denominations

There are four principals for four schools, supported by a superintendent. There are close to 100 faculty and staff members. Teachers are given over 30 hours a year of high quality professional development to ensure they are utilizing best and next practices in the classroom. Areas of focus are:

  • Robert Marzano, “The Art and Science of Teaching“
  • Highly Effective Teaching Model
  • Sensory Integration
  • 6 Traits of Writing
  • Deep Math Learning and Application
  • Biblical Integration


RCS high school is a college preparatory school, which offers advanced placement, dual credit classes.  We have a 100% graduation rate. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to attend the colleges and universities of their choosing, serve in the military, or serve on the mission field.  We offer 1:1 college prep mentoring, ACT and college prep classes, and walk side-by-side our students to help them earn scholarships, both athletic and academic.

RCS middle school is a training ground that fosters strong transition from elementary years and to their high school years. We have encourage age-appropriate challenges and accountability, essential to the well-being and development of our children through scheduling, curriculum, and program.

RCS elementary school is known for how the students serve the school-body, and the community as a whole. Throughout their elementary experience, in addition to strong academics, students learn about character, integrity, and leadership.  Students enjoy a full specials program, rotating art, music, technology, and physical education weekly.

RCS preschool provides a safe, loving Christian environment where children can grow through positive social and academic experiences, along with providing opportunities for spiritual growth throughout each day.  Our preschoolers fall in love with learning, and as they do, fall in love with Jesus. Our staff is committed to serving families and seeing children succeed in their early education experience.