Elementary School

Academic Excellence:

  • 90% of our students scored at benchmark or above on the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Test.
  • We believe in our students reaching the highest academic standards. To achieve the quality we desire, no one set of standards is thorough enough. As a private, Christian school we appeal to the very best education has to offer. We align ourselves with a combination of state and national standards as well as those from various learned societies. Further we keep our curriculum and instructional methodology relevant by tracking current, research-based trends and best practices.
  • RCS students score in the top 12% of students who take the MAP Test (Measure of Academic Progress).


  • 5 sections of Kindergarten and 4 sections of Grades 1-5
  • Colorado State Certified teachers
  • Bible, Art, Music, PE, Library classes
  • Integration of Technology in the classroom

Elementary Cougar GEAR has arrived!


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