Spiritual Development



Every Wednesday, RCS elementary students attend chapel, which is an extraordinary time to meet as a community, experiencing praise, worship, laughter, and learning.  Students have the freedom to worship God in their own individual way.  With the backdrop of Resurrection Fellowship’s  facility, different themes take place each year.  The lessons provide a scriptural foundation that fosters spiritual growth, both individually and relationally. We encourage parents to come  to Chapel and experience it for themselves. It is an indescribable experience!

 Bible Curriculum

Our Bible curriculum, Biblical Choices, is designed for use through grades K-5 so that students leave with a comprehensive understanding of the themes and books of the entire Bible.  It also includes weekly Scripture memorization and review.

5th Grade Leadership

The goal of the fifth grade leadership program is to provide a foundation that prepares our students for middle school.  The program focuses on building confidence, understanding leadership from a perspective of positive influence, community involvement, teamwork, identifying and using personal gifts and abilities, character development, and developing positive peer relationships.

The leadership program begins the year with an overnight retreat which involves ropes courses, zip-lines, team building, and relationship building.

As part of  the leadership program, students are responsible for mentoring and encouraging a small group of younger elementary students.  They are taught how to manage groups, plan, design, and implement projects as a leader.

Finally, fifth graders are required  to design, develop, and implement two service projects that focus on being a servant leader both to our local and global communities.