RCS High School

At Resurrection Christian High School, we believe learning begins with healthy relationships.

Our staff has a heart for preparing students with 21st century skills through a rigorous instructional program integrated with a Christian worldview.

Boldly Christian

We have implemented many programs to help nourish each student’s walk with the Lord, including:

  • weekly chapels featuring a worship team and inspirational messages from in-house or guest speakers
  • an annual fall retreat, offering students an opportunity to construct a meaningful community, gain a spiritual focus, and start the school year on the right path
  • as a graduation requirement, all seniors participate in a mission trip, sharing the gospel message, as well as serving the needs of the community

Academically Equipped

We offer a rigorous course selection with several unique opportunities to enhance education while maintaining a 100 percent graduation rate. We offer:

  • Dual credit courses, allowing students to gain high school and college credit through Colorado Christian University
  • Advanced Placement courses in Calculus, US History, Literature, and Physics
  • ACT preparation class that assists students in unleashing their full educational potential on the ACT, as well as offers students real-world skills such as resume writing, application completion, interview simulations, college preparation and writing skills, focusing on the Six Plus One Traits of Writing

Globally Prepared

As our students graduate from RCS, we want them to be informed and prepared for the world.  As a result, we offer innovative classes to prepare our students with 21st century skills. We offer:

  • technology courses, where students gain applicable real-world skills, including digital video writing, editing and producing, programming skills including HTML and CSS, Flash Actionscript and Java SE 6 platform,computer-aided design with a 3D printer and an in-depth knowledge of mechanics behind functioning computers, including cell phones, laptops and desktop towers
  • assistance for parents with bridging the gap between ongoing technology and their students through a Christian worldview filter
  • cultural awareness through programs such as Operation Christmas Child, mission trip, Art for Water, financial stewardship and an introduction to a variety of other opportunities


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Spiritual Life

“But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”
– 1 Corinthians 3:11

Our curriculum and school values help prepare students to face and navigate the world with Christian passions and values. Our prayer is every student can testify to being a born-again, passionate, and spirit-filled Christians who:

  • strive to be a true follower of Christ.
  • are prepared to live out, explain, and defend a Christian worldview.

Spiritual Life at RCS HS includes:

As a private Christian school, we are motivated to help our students seek God. We offer several opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and desire to learn about leading a Christ-like life. These opportunities include: 

  •  Student-led worship & prayer times
  •  Weekly chapel
  •  Annual spiritual retreat
  •  Daily Bible classes
  •  Mentoring with Godly teachers
  •  Biblical integration in all classes
  •  Community outreach
  •  Senior mission trip

Each year, the RCS senior class serves on a mission trip during their spring break. Students are required to raise support funds and participate in this trip as a culmination of their educational experience at RCS. The mission trip serves to solidify the mission of RCS in our students as they prepare to graduate. We are confident that as our students enter the world, they are: boldly Christian, academically equipped, and globally prepared for what God has called them into beyond graduation.

College Application Process

As seniors return to school in the fall, the college application begins. Our Guidance Counselor and Dean of Students, Jane Radford, meets individually with each senior and customizes their college search plan based on location, finances, field of study, and college visits. This is a continuation of the process started during their junior year where parents were encouraged to take their senior to visit at least three to five colleges.

Senior Capstone

Senior capstone is a vital part of every senior’s schedule. During this class, seniors apply for admission to three or more colleges of their choice, write and have all essays proofed for their college applications, have their letters of recommendation approved for that particular college or university, and apply for 36 scholarships.

The college application process is completed by Early Decision or Early Action deadlines in order for our seniors to receive the greatest financial award. The burden of this process is taken off parents and done by the guidance department. Everything has a deadline with a grade attached to it, so you no longer have to coerce or fight with your senior to complete this process.

Scholarship opportunities are emailed to parents and students each month to which they can apply for. Students select and apply to the scholarships that are pertinent to their field of study and talents. Last year (2015-16) the money raised in scholarships was over $2,265,832.00, which averaged $41,197.00 per senior.

College Prep Course

Our college preparatory course prepares students for those all-important steps as they leave the RCS hallways. We feel that it is an important class, which is why we have made it a graduation requirement. 

  • ACT/SAT exam preparation with goal score setting and tracking
  • College planning (including navigating the application process, scholarships, and financial aid)
  • Career planning (including aptitude testing, resume building, and interviewing skills)
  • College writing (in preparation for writing college essays and research papers.


As seen in the ACT statistics below, our students are graduating with scores significantly above the minimum benchmarks, as well as state and national averages. Students are tested in the fall and again in the spring, showing dramatic improvement over the length of the course. Individual scores improve as much as 8 points overall or 14 points in specific categories. Students are also assessed in the PSAT to help determine if the ACT or SAT is a better college entrance exam for them to take. Many of our students take both exams.