Guidance Program

Our High School Dean and Guidance counselor is Mrs. Jane Radford. During the school year she will meet with each student from 8th – 12th grade. Topics covered in these one-on-one meetings are:

  • 8th grade: Help to dispel any fears they may have about high school, class schedule, and what they hope to accomplish in high school.
  • 9th grade: PLAN test results, homework load, classes, schedules, and any concerns they may have.
  • 10th grade: PLAN test results, homework load, classes, schedules, concerns, begin college discussion.
  • 11th grade: Begin college plan, PSAT results, ACT & SAT testing. There is also a college informational meeting for parents in the winter or early spring to help parents initiate the college process with their students.
  • 12th grade: Begin the college application process (Common App); by the end of October all seniors have applied to three colleges. By mid-December all seniors will have applied for five college scholarships. The ACT and/or SAT should be taken two to three times. We hold a parent meeting for senior parents in the fall to discuss FASFA, NCAA and NAIA Eligibility, and ranges of financial aid within colleges.

The guidance counselor also meets with any students who are struggling academically in order to maintain academic progress in all areas.