Spiritual Development at RCS Middle School


As a private Chrisitan school, we strive towards helping students develop into bold, Christian citizens. At Resurrection Christian School, we utilize a variety of avenues to assist in the spiritual development of the student and encourage them to create an identity that aligns with Christian values. 

  • Bible class – Facilitated by an invested and knowledgeable instructor, this class provides the daily opportunity to read God’s word, participate in open discussions in a safe environment, and ask questions about topics that are unclear. The bible class also serves as the primary platform to produce born-again, boldly Christian students who desire an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • Chapel – The chapel serves as an integral part of our private school community. Weekly chapel services offer a time of celebration and instruction as we exalt the name of Jesus and invite God to speak to the corporate body of RCS. These services are marked by opportunities to practice passionate worship to the Lord, receive life-giving instruction for daily teen living, and the chance to live their faith in the hallways, classrooms, and beyond.  
  • Relationships – Students attending RCS have a unique opportunity to glean wisdom and encouragement from the staff at RCS. From the gym floor to the classroom; the performing arts hall to the field, teachers, and coaches at RCS care about students! Teachers seek to see their students’ lives marked by Christ-like character, welcoming the opportunity to provide instruction beyond school walls. Our teachers are always available to help students build and foster a relationship with God, becoming a passionate follower.